Presale Tickets: Here’s How to Find Them

concertOne of the keys to scoring those coveted, impossible-to-find tickets is to be one of the first people in line to buy them. And no, I don’t mean being the first person in line when tickets formally go on sale. I mean even before they go on sale. Before the public even has access to them.

Welcome to the world of presale tickets.

What Are Presale Tickets?

Essentially, presale tickets are tickets to events (concerts or sporting events) that were purchased (usually a day) before the formally announced on-sale date through some kind of special promotion the artist or venue has with a third-party company. Some of the most common presale promotions are run by:

-Live Nation
-American Express
-Fan clubs
-Radio stations
-the list goes on…

You get the idea.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a presale if everyone were allowed access, would it? To block access to the public and to ensure that only a select few get to buy tickets in advance, each presale comes with its own special presale password or code that you must enter before being allowed to buy.

All you need is that password and you’re in. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Sign Up for WiseGuys

Save yourself the trouble of frantically looking for that presale password 10 minutes before presale tickets go on sale. You probably won’t ever find the code through a Google search and even if you do, it will probably be the wrong one (or it’ll take you an hour to find it, which will be too late). Instead, let someone else do all the work and have the presales emailed to you each morning, ready to use.

By far the most reliable and trusted name in presale passwords is WiseGuys. These guys have been supplying the ticket broker industry with presale codes for 5 years and running. I don’t know how they get their codes, but whatever they’re doing, it’s working.

Step 2: Be On Time

So you’ve got your presale password in hand and you’re ready to snatch up a pair of front-row seats. Even though you’re in line for tickets before 90% of people attending this show, you still have that other 10% to contend with (and they are quite a hungry 10%!). For this reason, you’ll want to be waiting at the ticket window no later than 5 minutes before the announced presale time.

Step 3: Pull!

If you’ve done your job correctly, entered the CAPTCHA swiftly as well as the correct presale password, you should be on your way to securing the best possible presale tickets available.

A word of caution, however: don’t be discouraged if the tickets that Ticketmaster shows you aren’t as great as you had hoped. One reason for this is that presales don’t always release all of the best tickets that a show or sporting event has to offer. The agreements that promoters reach with artists and venues don’t always include the front row, Floor, or General Admission seats, which are all generally the main type of tickets you’ll be looking for as a broker. For the regular fan who just “wants to get in,” this isn’t as much of a problem. For the ticket broker, you’ll just have to wait for the general on-sale and try your luck.

Another reason why you might not see the very best seats available quite yet is because Ticketmaster releases their tickets in waves. Essentially Ticketmaster releases a set number of tickets at each presale or onsale date, but this number can be divided into stages. 2000 seats might be released at 10AM, another 2000 might be released at 10:45AM, etc. The only publicly announced time is 10AM, but what is going on behind the scenes is another story.


Overall, presale tickets could be your best bet to securing high value seats at a time when few other fans and brokers would be competing with you for them. You won’t always get lucky, but the diligent and professional ticket broker will give himself the best chance possible by pulling at each and every presale and onsale they can.

There are no guarantees in the ticket brokering industry—only better odds!


Live Nation Presale Code: Here’s Where to Find Them


One of the biggest blessings as a ticket broker is the presale. When else can you say you have first dibs at tickets that everyone else wants to get their hands on?

Since Live Nation is one of the most popular event promoters in the world (owned by the same company that owns Ticketmaster), Live Nation Presale Codes have become quite important to ticket brokers looking to getting the edge over their competition.

Where to Find Them

Tracking down Live Nation Presale Passwords is entirely doable, but quite time consuming and due to the rapidly changing landscape of the events industry, the simplest solution to keeping up to date with the latest presale codes is by using the popular WiseGuys presale password service. Thousands of brokers (including us) swear by these guys and they’ve been delivering presale codes for five years and counting.

Once you sign up, you’ll gain access to their entire inventory of constantly-updating presale passwords, which will be delivered to your inbox every day. You’ll never be locked out of a presale again!

How to Work with Presales

A common misconception is that all presales are worth going after, even if you got them using a Live Nation Presale Code.

“If I have a greater chance than the vast majority of brokers and fans at scoring premier tickets, why shouldn’t I give it a shot?”

True, you do give yourself an advantage by availing of a concert’s presale, but a non-profitable show is a non-profitable show regardless of your unfair advantage over your competition. If tickets to the next Coldplay show are selling for $250 a pop, there’s a good chance you won’t profit much from these tickets regardless of how you got them. In this case, you’re already looking at an expense of $500, which means you’ll need to sell them for at least $750 to see any decent profit from the tickets—a princely sum of money.

The other point to remember is that subpar seats are still subpar seats even if you got them from a presale. It can be tempting to pull the trigger on nosebleed seats if that’s all that showed up when you pulled for a presale at 10AM on the dot. Don’t fall for the trap. Cheap seats are cheap seats, and fans in the resale market won’t care how you got your tickets. All they’ll care about is that they’ll need a telescope to see Chris Martin on stage, and they’ll pass on your tickets.


Ticket brokering is all about gaining the slightest edge over your competition. As long as you don’t see presales as a panacea to all your ticket brokering woes, they can be an extremely valuable tool in your arsenal. Use them wisely!

Presale Passwords: December 16 – December 23

Back again this week with more presale passwords! Presales include shows like:

Lady Gaga
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Kathy Griffin

…and more!

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